2018 Pet Loss Grief & Companioning Certification

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Note: If you are looking for pet loss services in the Texas or Florida area, please go to www.ThePetLossCenter.com

My Dear Friend, 

Thank you for joining me... If you have come here because your beloved pet has died, I warmly welcome you and will be here as your companion on your grief journey, a companion that will help you honor the story of the beautiful life that you shared with your precious pet.   

This site is here to be your refuge, to be your companion, as you search for support.  The loss of a pet will certainly touch every part of our emotional self; I'm honored to walk with you on your grief journey. 

Join me... let's honor your story. Whether it is the many beautiful readings to bring comfort to your heart, the guidance pieces, or the opportunity to share your story with others, I'm here to walk with you. 


Coleen Ellis
Founder | Certified in Thanatology
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