Two Hearts Pet Loss & founder Coleen Ellis have been written about in numerous industry periodicals and mainstream media publications. The following collection of articles are some examples of what others have to say about our approach.

For those who think of pets as their children, end-of-life care could include hospice
"By the time Judy Moss picked up the phone to call a veterinarian her friend recommended, she didn’t think her golden retriever would last even a few more weeks......"

What Are Your Professional Reminders?
"Every now and then, I like to remind myself why I do what I do. I think as business people, and for me especially as a pet loss professional, I need to have those reinforcements that say “it’s not just another pet.”....."

After a Loss, the Right Time for a New Dog
"The Thompson family fell in love with their rescue puppy, Baxter, as soon as they met him. But adopting Baxter was no easy decision: After losing the second of their two German Shepherds,....."

What do you have in common with Leona Helmsley
"Ask any pet lover what they think of when they hear the name Leona Helmsley. The first thing that comes to mind for many of us pet parents is the inheritance....."

Saying goodbye to a pet?  Batavia funeral home once that can help
"Coleen Ellis, co-chairman of the Pet Loss Professionals Alliance, says there's no reason pets shouldn't be accorded dignity when they die. "We treat ...."

The How to Spend Forever with Your Pet
"Coleen Ellis, co-chair of the Pet Loss Professionals Alliance, says this practice is common. According to Ellis, funeral directors say that “not a day , ....."

The Troubled Cremation of Stevie the Cat: A New Freakonomics Radio Podcast
"Would you expect the same if the dearly departed happens to be the family pet? I suspect the answer is still yes. But in the fast growing pet cremation business, ....."

Columbia Daily Tribune | Hospice care offers comfort to ill pets, grieving owners
"Lap of Love is the first organized group of its kind in the country, said Colleen Ellis, director of the International Association for Animal Hospice and Palliative Care. The group helps with the last hours of life and the first hours of death of animals ranging from dogs and cats to hamsters and pot-bellied pigs."

USA Today | Pet Hospice Helps Owners Say Goodbye
"When the time comes, more pet owners are choosing animal hospice services to help them say good bye to their beloved pets."

Funeral Business Advisor | The New Look of Pet Death Care Without Fraud
"...Yes, it’s time that the pet death care industry embraced a new look. Here’s how it should look. Pet parents want to know that you, the subject matter expert on death and loss, look at the death of their precious pet in the same way that you look at the loss of their human family members. They want the same standards of care that you have given to their family. They want the same dignity and respect of that deceased body. They want the same care for their grief. They want the same options, without being shamed because that’s what they want. They want you to give them permission to do everything they would do for a human family member in honoring the life they shared together. They also want to know that how their pet was treated in the cremation or burial process was ethical, morally correct and done with all of the protection and professionalism that would happen for a person."

Pet Age | Coming Full Circle | Expert Advice
"Coleen Ellis, the founder of Two Hearts, a pet loss center, has been in the funeral business for 25 years and left the human side to specialize in animals about 10-12 years ago. She has worked with retailers, groomers and other pet professionals on how retailers can help their customers through those trying times."

Funeral Business Advisor | Pet Parents Value Personalization 
"She was a funny looking thing.  One ear up, one ear down.  She had a twinkle in her eye, some “crazy hair”, and a huge and I mean huge personality. I could tell a lot about her just from that picture. But more importantly, I asked her mommy Ree to tell me about her.  Not just her gotcha-date and her death-date. I wanted to know about that time in between.  I wanted to know what she REALLY thought about when she remembered her."

AOTA Global Radio Network
On this episode of Healthy Pet HQ with Jodi Z, Coleen Ellis will talk about her life's work as a Pet Loss Pioneer.

""It's a growing trend," said Coleen Ellis, cochair of the Pet Loss Professionals Alliance (PLPA). "I wish I had a dime for every time I heard someone say, 'You know I love the pet more than I love my husband, wife, brother, sister.' . . . As the nuclear family has changed, the human-animal bond has increased significantly, so when we consider our final resting place, many pet parents say they want to be with them."

ICCFA Features Two Hearts

As the United States´ first stand-alone pet funeral home opens, the International Cemetery and Funeral Association takes note.  As the first pets to appear with this organization, Coleen also delivered a passionate talk to a roomful of funeral and cemetery professionals wanting to hear more about this unique death care service.

Now, years later, she´s still the trusted expert for the ICCFA on the topic of pet loss, with numerous articles written that continue to educate the industry on "respectful and dignified pet loss services."

ICFA Article March 2006
ICCFA Article February 2011
ICCFA/PLPA Pet Issue December 2012

t_-14a1feba7c708bAngie´s List

When Coleen Ellis´s beloved Mico died in 2003, it was clear that the choices at that time for respectful pet death care were minimal.  The event launched her into a mission of making sure that pet parents were receiving the same respectful care for their four-legged family members as they were for their human family members.

Angie´s List

Indianapolis Star

The Indianapolis Star follows the success of the United States´ first pet funeral home and its Founder, Coleen Ellis.

Funeral Care For Pets Squirty

A Special Member of the Family

Animals Break Your Heart Only Once

An animal-loving reporter finds solace in the respectful death care services provided for the beloved pets.  As a Pet Parent, the statement that really brought about the emotions was the fact that "people will break your heart every day, animals will only break your heart once."

Animals Break Your Heart Just Once

Discussing Euthanasia in DVM 360

In an interview with the trusted resource among veterinarians, Coleen reviews her thoughts on how to make this process a peaceful experience for a family.  Hear her thoughts as well as other professionals on some useful tips on creating this meaningful death care experience.

DVM 360 & Euthanasia

American Funeral Director Showcases Two Hearts

Kates-Boylston´s American Funeral Director publication is an industry leader in reporting and educating on death care business practices and news.  The publication has reported numerous times on the Two Heart´s business, turning to Two Hearts for expert advice and information in the area of respectful and dignified pet loss services.

Pet Loss Pioneer

Growing Pet Death Care Practices



The Funeral Business Advisor

The Funeral Business Advisor is an incredible publication, offering a variety of informational resources to the death care industry.

Servicing Pet Parents

A Day In The Life Of A Pet Funeral Director

The 9 Things to Never Say To a Person Whose Pet Has Died



For many pet parents, their support system may include people who just don't get the relationship that is shared between a human and an animal.  Therefore, they say things that are cruel and heartless.  As a pet parent, unfortunately we can relate to this article and those hurtful comments.

The 9 Things to Never Say to a Person Whose Pet Has Died