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RIP, Big John Gillis

Give Benny a hug for me. Goodbye Benny, we LOVE you! “See You in September” and “All my Loving” were the last two songs we heard together on the radio. [ … ]

What a bittersweet day!

Welcome Berky,… And Remembering Mico. Yes, my day started off with a heavy heart as I remembered this day nine years earlier when Mico died. I had foolishly thought the [ … ]

RIP, Presley Ann. RIP.

She was a cranky cat. Oh, not with everyone. Just with me, Chris and Curtis, her family! But my Mom loved her more than anything! She started her life almost [ … ]

Another fabulous book review,…

I have just finished Pet Parents, by Coleen Ellis []. This is really a sweet—and at the same time, a practical—book for all pet lovers. Coleen´s inspiration to establish Pet [ … ]