Pet Loss

A message from Roberta Knauf on why you should come to the Pet Loss & Grief Companioning Course!

“I’ve attended a few of Coleen’s sessions and every time I learn something new! Whether it’s hearing something in a different way from the teaching curriculum or it’s learning from one of the other attendees, my time is always very well spent at this session. While I love the topic and love how Coleen teaches it – it always amazes me the vast range of professionals that come to the session,…. from veterinarians, pet loss professionals, pet hospice providers, vet techs to accredited counselors. THAT is so awesome for the learning too! If you are in the world of working with grieving pet parents, you definitely need to take this class! If you want to learn more about my thoughts on it – call me! I can give you more information!”

You can find Roberta at the Schoedinger Pet Services operation in Columbus, Ohio,… call her! She’ll tell you to not miss this opportunity!

You can find out more here!

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