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A Pet Parent´s Dying Wish

A Dying Person´s Wish

To see their beloved pet before they die
This was closely followed by arranging a romantic day out such as going on a date or wedding.

Doesn´t this just speak volumes about the love that we have for our pets? And, to have that one last time, on our own death bed, to see the one that gave to us the unconditional love, made us feel needed, and wanted, for so many of us, we can relate that this would be my one last dying wish too.

But I also wonder,… is this last time of seeing each other in this earthly existence, a time to say “We´ll see you again real soon. Up by the Rainbow Bridge.” When those last days are looming, I would imagine that one´s own mind is swirling. Swirling through a lifetime of memories, actions, thoughts, etc – through the days that we were on this earth, questioning our time here and if we were good, productive, Christian enough, or whatever other self-reflective thoughts are happening, it´s amazing that what 60% of people are thinking of is about that one thing that is so close to God in actions. Such pure actions of love, forgiveness, and purity – that this is what a dying wish would look like.

Remind me of that love. Let me feel again that God-like love and show me what my version of heaven feels like – a soft little kitty kiss. A lick on the nose that says “Yes, I do love you.”

Yes, this would be my dying wish too. And, then I would pray to God that we would see each other again real soon.

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