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Honoring Squirty

Daddy´s Boy – Squirty

He was truly Daddy´s Boy!
“Thanks so much for honoring our little Squirty! We miss him so much and hope this books helps others in their time of loss. He still visits us from time to time in our dreams during those magical moments between awake and sleep. Its like he is right there beside us snuggling and licking our noses! I cherish those moments. Thanks for helping so many people like us during the loss of a family member. You have touched our hearts with your caring and loving nature and support! So glad we found you, as you helped to ease the pain during that difficult time and continue to bring smiles to our faces. Wishing you all the best Coleen!”

The time that I spent with Shawn and Steve in remembering the life they shared with Squirty was priceless! The love. The memories. The stories. The lessons.

Shawn´s message sums it up – we never get over our grief. We get through it. But we will forever be changed by the life and love that was shared with our precious pets.

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