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Honor Your Precious Pet at the Holidays

Mike the Dog – our Pet Angel

During this most beautiful season, honor the love you shared with your precious pet.
Yes, I know that it´s Christmas – the happiest time of the year. Or it should be.
But, it´s my “first.” My “first” Christmas without Mike the Dog. He was almost 15 years old when he died, just a few months ago. I miss him tremendously. Especially now – Christmas time was a time that Mikey loved,… he loved getting gifts and having people in and out of the house for the various family gatherings. He loved his special bone – the one that he got only at Christmastime. He loved his special treats – the ones for “Big Dogs!” Didn´t really care for the clothes and shirts I got him – but being a typical Golden Retriever gentleman, he tolerated them and “told” me that he liked them. If he was human – I can guarantee you that he would ask for the “gift receipt” so that he could take them back – and get more treats! But, he was always a good sport.
We choose to honor Mike the Dog in a variety of ways, this first Christmas without him. All of his ornaments have lovingly gone on the tree – as well as being honored in our family Christmas card. Do you see him in the sky – as a cloud angel?

Are you looking for some things that you can do to honor your pet? Consider these ideas:

Host a holiday ceremony to honor your pet
Do a “toast” – with everyone in attendance remembering the pet and stating what they learned and what they miss the most.
Create a special holiday ornament for your pet.
Light a candle in honor of your pet.
Create a DVD with photos of your pet throughout their life.
Specify a special night during the holidays to honor your pet and remember the life that was shared.
Create a special table to show items that were important to your pet. Display the table – in the spirit of the “gift” that we have been given in the life that we shared together.
Give a donation to a local shelter in honor of your pet.
Send a plant to your church in honor of your pet.

To all of you with heavy hearts at this time of year – hearts that remember a special pet who has died – peace to you. Remember your special love – and honor that special love throughout the entire season in the way that´s right for you and your family.

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