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Your Rights as a Grieving Pet Parent

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By planning ahead, you will make sure your pet is honored the way YOU want.
As a pet parent, I do all I can for my pets in life. Therefore, when they die, those rights are still mine to do what´s best for them and best for me and my family.
So many people do not take the time to review what their options are when their pet dies. For instance:
Where will you turn to help you and your pet with their final arrangements?
What is this facilities credentials?
What will you want done with your pet´s body – burial? Cremation?
What other rituals will be important to you and your family? Visitation? Memorial service?
What memorialization items will you want to remember your pet by? Jewelry? Special urn? Artwork? Rock or marker?
Most importantly, please educate yourself on what your options are in your area for those companies to help you and guide you during this time. For me, I absolutely, positively DID NOT want my pet´s body in a bag and in a freezer – are you like me? Is this important too? If so – ask the questions. You and your pet deserve to know this process. And, trust me, for your peace of mind in knowing that you did EVERYTHING for your pet – knowing that their body is treated with dignity and respect in the end will bring to you the peace of mind that you will need as you endure your grief journey.

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