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Honoring Zeus

Zeus Hibbs

On this anniversary date of Zeus´ death, I honor him.
I´d only met Peggy once – but we instantly became friends. Within a few minutes of our meeting, I was honored to hear the story of her precious Zeus. A Rottie who changed her life – and touched the lives of so many others.
Zeus was a trained service dog. He lived to serve – and did his job exceptionally well. Not only did he do his job of being a service dog well – but he changed perceptions that Rottweilers are aggressive and mean dogs. Those who met his gentle ways were instantly changed in knowing that he was a good representation of his breed. He was a gentleman. He was a love. He truly did live to serve.
Peggy shared with me sentiments from those that knew Zeus:

“Zeus will always live in your heart. He was such a terrific dog that it takes two gigantic Newfies to replace him! Grieve, my friend, know that Zeus is not anxious to meet you at the Rainbow Bridge; he will patiently wait for you forever. Enjoy Molly and Rusty, Zeus´ love lives through them.”

On this anniversary date of Zeus´ death, I´m honored to honor him.

The day that we lose our precious pets will forever be a day that is engrained in our hearts. A day that we will always remember that a love was taken from us – and generally way too soon. A day that we know we have been forever changed because of the love that we shared and the life that was ours together.

Rest in peace, Zeus. Rest in peace.

Oh, also – thanks for all that you did. You were, and forever will be, a gentleman.

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