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How can you memorialize your precious pet?

My Baby Girls Paw Print

With the death of our beloved pets, we as pet parents want to know HOW to honor them.
As a pet parent, when our pet´s die, we do want to know ALL of our options in what to do to memorialize them. I wanted to do it all for Mico. For me – it was like the more that I did, the more that I showed her that I loved her. It was about doing more so that I wouldn´t forget.

However, this is also an area that we “don´t know what we don´t know.” There are so many different things out there to honor our pets. It´s important when that day comes and your precious pet has gone to the Rainbow Bridge that you have the right person and pet loss professional to educate you in your choices. While you may say “those things are not important to me” I can tell you – “you don´t know what´s out there!” While you may think that it isn´t – it´s still important to get the education on the options. I know for me, as a pet loss professional, I never wanted to have a family tell me “I wish you would´ve told me about that – because I would´ve done that!” Get educated!

Seven years later – I still take my strength in knowing that Mico´s paw is around my neck, a bit of her fur is with me – and I still feel her love. I love you, Baby Girl.

Rest in peace, Mico. Rest in peace.

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