Pet Loss

Remembering a Precious Pet

The benefits of memorialization items in the grief journey….
t_4c88de1656b36It is truly a comfort to know that I always have my pets with me,… from my deceased pet loves, Mike the Dog and Mico, to my living pet loves – Crisco, Ellie, and Rudy – I carry a bit of all of their hair with me in this beautiful cremation pendant.
As a pet lover, there are so many ways that you can remember your pets. From beautiful garden rocks and markers to unique art pieces – it warms my heart to see these pieces around me and to continually be reminded of these loves that were shared – or the lives that are in my world right now. Reminders of this life journey of mine that has benefited and been made richer because of each of these unique personalities!
Yes, to some – wearing a necklace with a bit of a pet´s cremains in it or a bit of their hair seems creepy. To me – it´s an honor. An honor to remember them – and to know that their spirits are still with me,…
I love you – Mike the Dog, Mico, Crisco, Ellie and Rudy!

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  1. Mike

    I’m sort of forced’ to see the suinrse (and sometimes the sunset) it rises on my way to school at this time of the year when the days gget longer and during the summer it rises far too early for me to see it regularly. The back of the house faces west and we some spectacular sunsets as well, though the best are during summer when we are at the lake. Thanks for stopping by!

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