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The empty feeling,…

It´s so hard to explain when we lose our pets – the feeling of emptiness,….
t_4c7bb0aaee19bI just talked to Rosemarie. Her and her husband just lost their precious girl, Phoebe. I can literally hear her heart breaking on the phone, that raw emotion of grief. That tone of her voice that says their days are still unbearable, from the moment they wake up in the morning to when their heads hit the pillow at night, the loss and the silence in their house is still ugly.
I know that feeling. The one where a person doesn´t know what to do with themselves, the one where everything that is done doesn´t feel right because the one that we love is not there,… the feeling that can´t be explained to anyone – except to those who know the feeling.
There are no words for it. It´s such a feeling of being uncomfortable. Sitting down doesn´t feel right. Standing up doesn´t feel right. Laying down isn´t it either. Walking around feels like you´re in someone else´s body.
Yes, time does help. But, even a month later, it still creeps in on me and the discomfort reminds me how much I miss my Mike The Dog.
Thinking of you, Rosemarie. Sending thoughts of peace and comfort to you,…

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