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Getting Another Pet – Am I “Cheating” on My Deceased Precious Friend?

The Second Child!

Getting another pet following the death of a loved friend is certainly a tribute – not cheating!
When your heart is ready – getting another pet is an opportunity to pay tribute to the love that was lost. This next pet is not there to be a replacement but is rather there to be its own personality, its own new love, for you and your family to begin a new journey and relationship.
Pets are phenomenal in the way that they are not selfish. Therefore, a pet would not feel betrayed in the fact that you opened your heart to love another. I believe that our pets want us to be happy – and if another pet is that happiness – our pets would want that for us!
Furthermore, many people get concerned when they start comparing pets. While it may be concerning when its done in a way that is hurtful – comparing pets in a way of contrasting personalities is very healthy. In my eyes, this also allows the deceased pet´s personality to live on in my heart! I love seeing how their personalities differ – much like people have different friends and relationships because of the different elements brought to the relationship.
Let your heart be the guide! It will generally guide you in the way that is best for you!

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