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Allow yourself to be educated with all options for pet loss

A priceless reminder of our beautiful Golden Retriever, Mike The Dog!

When your pet dies, there are so many options that you “don´t know what you don´t know.” Let yourself be guided!
In all of the work that I´ve done with families, the statement that hurt my heart the most was “I wish you would´ve told me that I could do that to honor my deceased pet because I would´ve done that.” That statement meant that I had not done my job in educating a family on what their options were to remember and pay tribute to their deceased pet. It was either I had not done my job in this education process – or a family had said to me that they didn´t want to hear these options because in their grief, they couldn´t bear to think about these things.
Either way, it´s so important to know what your options are to remember your pet. Whether it be a clay paw print taken of your precious pet, a clay nose print, or a snippet of hair, these are all items that cannot be done at a later time. But, again, so many families don´t think that these items are important until after the fact – and then it´s too late.
Take some time, think about what you will want to remember your precious pet with when they die, and begin to make notes of these things. Because, many times when that dreadful day does come, a grieving heart is not thinking clearly and your friends and family may miss those items that are dear to you.

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