Pet Loss

Creating a Tribute Table

To Honor Mikey

Such an act of love – to honor our Mike the Dog
It wasn´t physically hard – but emotionally it was incredibly hard work. I wanted to create my special Tribute Table for Mike The Dog – a place where we could put all of those things that were significant in his life. A place where we could let the memories touch our hearts – a place where we could smile when we thought about WHY something was special.
He was like any other doggie – treat time rocked! So there it was – in his dog bowl – all the treats that a big Golden Retriever could want. And, speaking of the dog bowl, that within itself would get a Golden moving quicker than anything! He lived to eat – and to eat more! Yep, he loved that bowl!
There was his collar – when his joints were healthier and his energy level higher, just the sight of that collar would start Mikey jumping, barking, and pushing to get out the door! It was time for a walk – time to sniff everything he could. Ah, yes, a walk, even to the end, was an adventure! Yes, he loved that collar!
There were the special photos – of him and his family, sweet shots of just him, him in his Halloween costume (he was a pirate that year – oh, he loved that!), his latest portrait taken just a few weeks before he died – and the most special photo – the only photo that I have of him and Mico! My two special angels!
And, lastly – the cards! Oh my – the support that we got from our friends and family was so touching that it still brings a tear to my eye. Everyone loved Mikey – how could you not? He was such a love.
My love. I miss you, Big Boy. Thanks for giving me the honor of sharing memories and years with you.
Rest in peace, Mike The Dog. Rest in peace.

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