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This mourning thing is really work,….

Always My Happy Boy!

Grieving and mourning is work – but it´s work that has to be done,….
Our North America culture is a funny one. A culture where the thought of hurting is more than a person can bear. One where a person would rather ignore, or possibly even be medicated, versus feeling the pain.
With the loss of Mikey, the pain was excruciating. To hold his head in my hands as he breathed his last breaths of life on this earthly world were overwhelming with emotion. And, as the days have gone on, it´s an even bigger roller-coaster of emotions as I try to actively mourn, or make movement, through my grief. One minute, I´m feeling strong and at peace. And, then the next minute I´m crying uncontrollably as the reality of the past week´s events wash over me again.
Yes, it´s painful, this work of mourning. And, if I had to chose it – I wouldn´t be doing it. However, when I said “yes” to being a pet parent, this, too, is what I knew I would be facing. But, I also know that in doing my mourning work, I am making me healthy and stronger – and am truly honoring Mike The Dog´s story of life just like it should be honored.
As a retired veterinarian said to me a few months ago – “having a pet is as much as lesson in grief as it is in love.”
I also, too, know that in foregoing this emotion of grief – I would be foregoing the memories.
And, that, My Friend, is too big of a trade-off for me,…
Rest in peace, Mikey.

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