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What questions to ask your veterinarian when your pet dies

Dignity and respect – it´s what they deserve

Make sure you understand the details of how your pet is being handled after death.
As a pet parent, we make it our chose right to do everything we can for our pets in life. The finest of food, the best in treats, the funnest toys, and the best in their care. So when they die, it´s also our chosen right to understand what will happen next if the vet clinic is taking care of the final arrangements. Ask these questions:
1) How long will my pet´s body be held, waiting on the cremation company to pick them up? How will they be held?
2) If you want your pet´s ashes back, clearly understand the cremation process – will your pet be done “privately” meaning “one pet at a time in the cremation machine” or “individually” where there are more than one pet in the machine during the cremation process. With an individual cremation process, there will most certainly be a commingling of cremains, meaning you will be getting cremains of other pets.
In working with a reputable pet funeral home/cremation service, they should always have an open door policy. Make sure you exercise your rights as a pet parent and KNOW what is happening with your pet and their precious body.

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