Grief Support

Preserving Memories of Your Precious Pet

Time passess quickly,… preserve your daily memories
t_4be016174ae39It just seems like yesterday when these precious little pets come home to live with us. And, then, before we know it, we look up and they are graying around the muzzle, walking a bit slower, and the veterinarian mentions “senior package.” It´s only in the blink of an eye that this happens.
“Carpe Diem.” Seize the day. Today, take those photos of your pet. Write a note about the day that you shared together. Create a journal and chronicle the life that you shared together so that it will forever be preserved for you,… don´t let a day pass where you haven´t made a conscious effort to remember the love, capture the joy, and find a way to forever lock in those glorious memories.

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