Pet Loss

Metro – Rest In Peace

Metro – Rest In Peace

A beautiful boy – running in heaven,….
A few days ago, I received the heart wrenching, tear-laden phone call from my dear friend, Nicole. Her beloved little guy, Metro, had died unexpectedly as she was out of town and attending a conference. Her husband, Chris, held Metro as he died in his arms. This little guy, their only child, now left them with a hole in their heart that would always be there,… My heart breaks for both of them and the emptiness that now resides at their home. That emptiness that all of us who have endured the loss of a beloved little pet can immediately feel when we hear of others enduring this pain. The “Presence of the Absence” that is so profound,… Thoughts of peace to both of you as your grief journey has just begun,… I will be here to help you and to companion with you as we continue in our process of this time that will forever change your being. As Metro had journeyed to the Rainbow Bridge – we will journey here through the dark.

Rest In Peace, Metro. Rest In Peace.

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