Planning Ahead


Maggie will be with the rest of her family – forever,..

What we don´t like to think about,…
It´s a day that I dread – just like every other pet parent. The day that one of my precious little pets dies. A day wrought with emotion – a day where the darkness will surely prevail.
While we don´t like to think about it, we all know that it´s inevitable. Therefore, take some time to really educate yourself on what your options are – and what you truly want for your pet as you pay tribute to them in death. Is it:

* Burial
* Cremation

And, with that, what types of memorial items will you want to honor your pet?

* A piece of jewelry with their hair in it
* A rock with their special nickname on it for the garden – right where they used to lay
* A portrait of them – capturing that wonderful personality

The options are endless – educate yourself on what´s right for you and your family before the day comes. From my heart to yours – this will certainly give you the peace of mind in knowing that you will be making the decisions that are just right in honoring your precious little friend.

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