Honoring Mike The Dog


My Big Goofy Golden Angel

Today, the reality sets in – the stark cold reality that Mike The Dog is gone.
Today -I honor Mike The Dog. At almost 15 years old, he was the classic Golden Retriever. He was a gentleman and he didn´t want to be a nuisance to anyone. So, instead of putting us into the position to have to think about helping him out of his pain, he made the decision for us. Such a love,…
I miss you, Mike The Dog. And, I will forever love you. However, as much as the tears hurt today in knowing that I will never see your beautiful face, knowing that we have years of memories is what is the most comforting. Yes, it truly is like the Garth Brooks song “The Dance” – “We could have missed the pain but we´d had to miss the dance.”
I love you, Mike The Dog. You will forever have a spot in my heart.
Tell Mico that Mommy misses her too,… it´s comforting to know that I have two angels looking out for us,..
Rest in peace, My Big Boy.

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